Brooks Levitate Women's Running Shoes - Brooks Levitate Running Shoes 2022

Brooks Levitate Women's Running Shoes

If you’re looking for the perfect all-around shoe, then consider the Brooks Levitate Women’s Running Shoes . These running shoes combine soft cushioning and stability to help you feel relaxed and stable on even the longest runs. Designed with premium materials, these women’s running shoes will ensure that your feet are comfortable as you work out. Also featuring a lightweight design, breathable mesh lining, and optimal support, these shoes are perfect for all occasions.

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Brooks Levitate Women's Running Shoes

TOP 3 BEST and recommended

Best Overall Best Overall Ariel 20 Brooks Women's Ariel 20
    The Ariel 20 is perfect for runners who want to turn up the dial on support, cushioning, and comfort.
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Top Pick Top Pick Brooks Levitate GTS 5 Brooks Levitate GTS 5
    The Levitate 5 GTS is perfect for runners who want maximum energy return and maximum style
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Recommended Recommended Brooks Ghost 11 Brooks Ghost 11
    Ideal for runners with a medium to high arch looking for neutral support.
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Brooks Women's Ariel 20

Brooks Ariel 20 Brooks Women's Ariel 20 Check On Amazon

For all of you minimalist lovers out there, here’s a shoe for you. The Brooks Levitate Ariel is designed for a lightweight, low-impact run. While running in these shoes you may feel like you’re just gliding along effortlessly, but in reality your calves are burning from working hard to provide you with propulsion. For those of us who work at desks, and don’t do much walking during their days, if any at all...your calves will likely be pretty sore after going on a short run in these shoes.

Brooks Levitate GTS 5

Brooks Levitate GTS 5 Brooks Levitate GTS 5 Check On Amazon

Brooks to Release New Running Shoe for Fall Season: Brooks to Introduce New Biggest-Ever Shoe for women. The company said that it is introducing its biggest running shoe for women, which weighs 675 grams. That is 100 grams more than Nike’s lightweight Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%. It offers two brand new styles in anticipation of cooler fall weather: The Brooks Levitate GTS 5 and Defyance Ride 7. Both styles is available in different colorways.

Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost 11 Check On Amazon

The new Brooks Ghost 11 is a smooth and stable shoes that is perfect for runners looking to maximize efficiency, but isn’t great for people looking to challenge their stability. The shoe isn’t designed to help you become a better athlete. Rather, it’s designed with comfort in mind. If your goal is comfort while running then buy these shoes by Brooks. They feature midfoot support that keeps your foot feeling secure and comfortable. They also offer incredible cushioning and impact absorption as well as lightweight features that allow you to run faster without getting tired as easily.

Brooks Levitate 4 L.E.

Brooks Levitate 4 L.E. Brooks Levitate 4 L.E. Check On Amazon

The Brooks Levitate 4 L.E. is a performance running shoe that was made to work with your stride pattern and energy. Developed for neutral runners, it offers a combination of cushioning, flexibility, and traction so you can improve your form and shave seconds off your time. This new version of Brooks' lightweight running shoe uses an updated suspension system to make it even better at providing a smooth ride. You'll have great responsiveness when you're working hard and getting power from your legs.

Brooks Levitate 5 Neutral

Brooks Levitate 5 Neutral Brooks Levitate 5 Neutral Check On Amazon

For those runners looking for a responsive, neutral shoe that will take them through their longest miles, while providing a smooth ride, they should consider giving Brooks' Levitate 5 a try. Featuringtechnology originally developed for Brooks' best-selling Adrenaline GTS 14, these shoes are designed to hug every curve of your foot to help prevent muscle fatigue and reduce pronation allowing you to hit your personal bests with each run. Available in multiple colors and sizes.

Brooks Women's Levitate 3

Brooks Women's Levitate 3 Brooks Women's Levitate 3 Check On Amazon

The new Brooks Women's Levitate 3 is a lightweight, breathable running shoe for women. It provides smooth transitions between forefoot and heel strikes, which improves your efficiency and range of motion. The biodegradable Brooks BioMoGo DNA midsole offers cushioning that gradually adapts to your foot shape and weight distribution. The synthetic leather upper has an antimicrobial finish to reduce foot odor, keeping you feeling fresh throughout your run. As with all Brooks running shoes, it features a narrow heel-to-toe drop (17 mm), promoting proper form that minimizes knee stress and injury risk. This shoe also offers a very thin layer of cushioning (1/10), making it ideal for runners who like more control over their gait cycle.

Brooks Women's Levitate 2

Brooks Women's Levitate 2 Brooks Women's Levitate 2 Check On Amazon

Built on its well-received predecessor, Brooks Levitate 2 is updated and most comfortable women’s running shoe yet with more room in a more traditional shape. Overall flexibility is similar to other Brooks running shoes, but it feels a little less springy and responsive than some of their other shoes. If you’re looking for an extra-soft option for injury recovery or everyday walking, these might be right up your alley. But if you prefer a bouncier ride with more immediate response, check out one of our top picks above.

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